“A Review of the Most Popular Wrinkle Creams by Gross Sales”

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If you are looking to for an effective Anti-Wrinkle cream and want to find out the Top 5 most effective creams by virtue of their sales and effectiveness, we have just the FIVE that would restore your skin with the gift of Beauty and Youth.


  1. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Neutrogena’s Healthy Skin Anti-Wrinkle Cream is specifically designed to hydrate skin and reduce signs of ageing in the process. The product contains Retinol, which is clinically proven to prevent the perfation of fine lines (wrinkles). The product also contains Vitamin A in its purest form, which seeps deep into the skin to reduce signs of ageing from its very depth. A combination of Pro-VitaminB5 and Vitamin E helps to keep the skin hydrated and toned in the process.  The overall effect of this product is makes your skin look healthier.


  • The product is oil-free
  • The product is fragrance-free
  • It helps unclog pores
  • Helps eliminate Signs of Ageing
  • The product is recommended by Dermatologists


  1. Estee Lauder Advanced Time Zone Anti-Wrinkle Cream

The cream has proven results to make the skin look healthier and younger in as little as 5 days. The product contains specially formulated Tri-HA Cell Signaling Complex which naturally boosts the production of hyaluronic acid within the skin by 182%. This in turn helps to hydrate and nourish the skin and reduces the formation of wrinkles.


  • For visible skin anti-ageing results
  • The cream helps you look younger and beautiful
  • The results are quick
  • For a Lightweight, silky and refreshing cream


  1. BDP Instant Wrinkle Remover Cream

The product is an instant Anti-Wrinkle repair cream which is formulated to have lasting effects for up to 24 hours. Its usage leaves the targeted areas around the face and eyes hydrated and increases skin elasticity. The product contains Bio-PGA and Symdiol 68 T which is on anti-oxidant and has auto-hydration properties. The product is rich in Biopolymerised Proteins which is an extract of Almond Oil and helps make the skin feel smooth, rejuvenated and radiant.


  • The product helps skin feel smooth and supple
  • The product has Anti-Oxidant properties
  • If you need a skin hydration cream
  • For a instant result product


  1. Hydroxatone Instant Wrinkle Cream

The product is designed to be wrinkle filler; the results are spontaneous and can be seen in just a minute of application. The product is formulated to contain silicone micro globules and hyluronic acid which instantly plump up the skin lines from within. The results of the usage last for up to 24 hours and the product leaves your skin looking flawless, wrinkle free and young in appearance.


  • For a cream with anti-ageing properties
  • For a product with spontaneous results
  • The cream leaves a long lasting and effect


  1. Pro X Anti-Ageing Hydra Firming Cream

The Pro X Hydra cream is designed professionally to improve skin elasticity and to also maintain skin firmness at the same time. The product focuses on hydrating the skin to help reduce the effects of ageing from deep within the skin. It is the plumping effect that the product has on the skin lining from deep within skin, which helps your skin look rejuvenated and young.

  • A tested product with proven results
  • It helps in active skin hydration
  • It reduces effects of Ageing on the skin
  • The product is designed to optimize skin elasticity


“Hope the above helps you choose the Anti-Wrinkle cream you are ideally looking for”

“Scientifically Proven”: Burn Belly Fat Faster






There are many ways, methods and practices that we today follow to Lose Belly Fat but have we for even one instance ever thought of the science behind this weight loss. Most of us think the best option is to Starve Diet, Eat Less, Stop Eating, Avoid the Junk, Stay away from processed foods, Cook for yourself, Avoid Sweets and fatty food, work out, hit the gym and much more.

Let’s take and discuss a few examples and look at them scientifically, is a diet something you can follow all your life and will your body not gain the weight once you start eating again; it surely would. Secondly a workout, some people tend to eat more after a long duration of a work out. This means replenishing your body with more than what you are actually trying to lose.

Quote by http://www.nutrition.gov/weight-management/strategies-success/interested-losing-weight

“Weight loss can be achieved either by eating fewer calories or by burning more calories with physical activity, preferably both”.

I am not saying the above won’t help but its practice and application should be well understood to achieve desired results.

Quote by http://www.usa.gov/topics/health/food/weight-loss.shtml

“How many calories will you eat each day? For diets under 1,500 calories, be sure to check with your doctor to make sure you get all your nutrients”. 


The Scientific Explanation:

Weight Loss or Losing Belly fat involves one basic principal, burning more calories and consuming lesser in exchange. Now this process can be helped with the application of the above weight losing techniques, which will be better explained below.

Importance of Calories:

Calories are important for the very functioning of the human body. Every action whether it is walking, going to the gym for a work out or even combing your hair is only possible with the generation of energy. This energy is created by the consumption of these very calories, so imagine a calorie free body.

Quote by http://www.cdc.gov/healthyweight/losing_weight/index.html?s_cid=govD_dnpao_082

 “in caloric deficit.” You are eating fewer calories than you are using. Your body is pulling from its fat storage cells for energy, so your weight is decreasing”.

in balance.” You are eating roughly the same number of calories that your body is using. Your weight will remain stable.

How Calories help break Fats:

Let’s put in Newton’s third law here “To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction”, with you pushing your body and using energy to perform daily activities your body fats get burnt in the process. Thus in a way making it a win win situation for you in terms of your weight loss.

The Science of Dieting for Weight Loss:

The scientific meaning of Diet is the quantity of food consumed by an individual. No diet is well balanced without Proteins, Calories, Fats (Healthy), Vitamins, etc. Diet is basically maintaining the balance of this very consumption. Why do some people have a fat belly? Their consumption of calories or fats is too high, thus preventing the body to burn the excess stock with its general or day to day functioning. Eating a balanced meal has scientifically proven benefits; it helps in kick starting the process of consuming lesser calories and consuming more instead.


The Scientific Importance of Exercise to Lose Belly:

Take for instance your daily consumption of calories is between 1500 – 2250 calories. Your day to day activity will not be able to burn even most of it. A healthy routine of exercise or a simple workout could help you shed of 400-500 calories at one go. This however would only be useful if you don’t destroy the process of regulated calorie replenishment by eating excess. For those of you who are wanting to Lose Belly fat a regular work out could prove to be a boon in disguise if you keep the calorie and fat intake in check and continue a healthy exercise routine simultaneously.

Quote by http://healthfinder.gov/HealthTopics/Category/health-conditions-and-diseases/diabetes/watch-your-weight

If you are overweight or obese, you can lose weight by getting more physical activity and eating fewer calories”.


A well charted out diet plan coupled with a regular work out regime could prove excellent for one’s body. Every human body has a basic but varying scientific body metabolism. It is only our negligence that gets this process to go wrong.



Lose Belly Fat


As we know belly fat come in two types one being healthy fat which is vital and at the same time important for the healthy functioning of the body organs. The healthy fat provide cover to the internal organs and serve as a lubricant for their regular functioning. However, if this accumulation keeps increasing it leads to the creation of unhealthy fat which can do more damage than any good.

Just think about it, what would the body do if the supply of these belly damaging fat overtakes the demand or requirement? The answer is very simple; the body will simply start to store it in places beyond the belly where it should not be going for example the heart, respiratory system, etc. Accumulation of belly fat around the heart will lead to blood pressure and even heart ailments in some cases. Similarity if your respiratory passage is compressed with fat you might have difficulty breathing and eventually much more.

Considering excess belly fat could be a dreadful consumption it would make sense in regulating its intake. Alternatively if you have too much weight gain already, you must adhere to a fast weight loss diet plan to get rid belly fat.

Best Way to Lose Belly Fat Fast?

The answer to Lose Belly Fat Fast is very simple; eat healthy (foods closest to their natural form or belly fat burning foods), work out or follow a regular exercise routine and even better do both for a fast weight loss.

  1. Eat Better


Eating better is the first step; you need to eat foods low on calories and high on proteins. Reduction in calorie consumption would help reduce weight and at the same time an increase in the consumption of proteins will give you strength to workout.

  1. Belly Fat Burning Foods

Any foods that help contain fat and also accelerate the pace of the bowel movement are what can be referred to as Belly Fat Burning Food.

Weight Loss Foods would include:

  • Green Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Dried Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Berries
  • Fish
  • Oats Meal
  • Green Tea

It would be a good idea also to sip on Green Tea after a heavy meal and or at least once a day as it helps in diluting excess fat.

exercise for fitness

  1. Exercise Regularly

It is quiet natural for most people who are obese to exercise less, this is because the body’s inability to perform normal activities due to the excess weight it has to carry. Exercising to lose belly fat fast doesn’t mean stressing the body, in means taking measures to get the human body to perform activities it is naturally inclined to do. You don’t have to run a mile but you can start exercising with a simple light jog and walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Basically performing tasks you can do and need to do without mechanical help. However you need to set benchmarks and increase the duration and intensity of your workout (but gradually).

  1. Professional Help to lose weight

Seeking professional advice from a nutritionist, dietitian, or a weight loss instructor would be the best idea to lose belly fat fast. A professional weight loss plan would help you regulate your calorie intake and alternatively help you to eat belly fat burning foods instead. Fast weight lose can be both good and bad for your body. If you decide undertake a fast weight loss program by resorting to starving, it could be a bad idea as it could risk you to other health related issues, which can definitely be avoided if you are seeking professional advice.


  1. Medical Assistance – Weight loss pills

A qualified dietitian or nutritionist could also prescribe you some weight loss pills, depending on your body’s requirement (this is generally if you are too obese) and regulate the dosage. Consumption of weight loss pills without professional advice or unnecessarily is not recommended as this can lead to other complications or reaction.

  1. Fluid Consumption

It is very important to keep your body sufficiently hydrated. Drinking a lot of water along with meals could help fill the stomach and reduce excess food consumption.


Weight loss pills are only recommended in extreme cases, it would be better if we allow the body to naturally take charge of its self. Dedication is extremely important for you to lose belly fat. For food addicts it is going to be very difficult transformation from eating (junk) and relaxing to eating ((fat burning foods) and making your body to work out. The only factor that can make you keep going on is realizing the benefits of weight loss.

“To a healthier and fat free you”

Tips for a Successful Weight Loss Resolution for 2015

healthy new year

Resolution for Weight Loss:

Many people resort to various resolutions, how about taking a resolution to better your body. So the next thing that comes to our mind is; why a resolution? A resolution increases the very determination to achieve the desired objective. As per recent studies over 35% of adults in the USA are obese and overweight. To think of this one on every three adults are overweight.

Being overweight is a threat to leading a healthy and normal life, the factor responsible for this is the unhealthy life style we follow in the modern world. This includes eating habits and our life style and daily routine.

A resolution to loose weight could help you lead a healthier, energetic, longer and fitter life. An individual being overweight leads to reduction in fitness, person being lethargic and increased laziness. All this can be avoided if an individual follows a healthy lifestyle.weight loss (2)

As per a survey a weight loss resolution is one of the most sought of resolution, but most people fail to honor their commitments to control their weight almost immediately on committing. The reason in most cases is committing to more that what you can possibly handle.

How to make your weight loss resolution successful?

Subject yourself to a weight loss schedule that is attainable. For this you need to keep motivating yourself. Now the next question, how can one motivate one self? Thinking of the advantages associated with weight loss. Thinking of all the more fashionable clothes you can possibly wear. Thinking of all energy and the work you can accomplish with increased fitness levels.

Another aspect of making your resolution successful is setting a specific time frame to achieve some results. This should be a simple target and not something unattainable. You could also compare your weight loss to a return on investment. In this case the; investment being your hard work and determination and gains being the results you have achieved with your body shape and size. 

Tips to Achieve Weight Loss:

eat greensTo start loosing some weight you need to consume the correct diet; this means eating healthy and nutritious food. This should include a mix of fiber, greens and protein which all have an importance in improving the functioning of the digestive track. Exercise and workout should be started on levels acceptable to the body. However the length of the workout should be gradually increased. Detoxify your body by drinking sufficient quantities of water (H2O). These are some simple steps that you can take to insure that you can kick start you weight loss routine.

Determination & Support:

determinationLastly the importance of determination and family support can never be negated, nothing is possible without determination. For an overweight individual loosing weight; is a like a task waiting to be accomplished. Again this is something that the body won’t be happy doing in the beginning as the mind is used to a more relaxed lifestyle. To achieve this you would obvious need to be determined and at the same time family support can be a boon in disguise. The feeling of a loved one compelling you to do something for your good can definitely unmatchable. The very feeling can help your weight loss resolution be a successful undertaking.

Obadiah Zane’s #1 Lose Belly Fat- Routine!

Belly fat workout

Obadiah Zane’s Weight Loss Routine:

To be honest there are many methods and myths that specify a routine to follow in order to lose weight. Some would recommend exercising and some would recommend you to eat less or even starve yourself. This however might get a little confusing, depending on the body’s metabolism and complexities involved with which process to choose.

Confident young man working outBelly Fat:

Belly fat is the fat that is accumulated in our stomach and is excess to our body’s fat requirements. This is the excess consumption of our eating in comparison to our workout. An individual tends to get a belly if they don’t control their eating and alcohol consumption. Eating less food but incorrect food (fried, oily or greasy) can also lead to belly fat build-up. Beer addicts also develop a belly which is referred to as a beer belly (which again is fat accumulation).


What you eat is what you get and what you eat is ideally considered as your energy intake. Simultaneously you spend your energy on day to day activities, which all helps in burning calories. This difference between intake and output is the key to your weight loss. Take for instance you eat fried or greasy food this adds a lot of calories as compared to a healthy meal. Excess fat which collects in the body and is not burnt, only to accumulate in the stomach to give you a loose belly. So the first tip to stay healthy is to eat but healthy. You food intake should include dairy, meat, fruits, vegetables, juices lots of water; these together help in improving body metabolism, bowel movement and thus keeping a control on weight. A healthy diet should be a part of your daily weight loss routine.


Cardio is considered as an important part of a weight loss routine. Cardio may include running, jogging, swimming, cycling etc. Cardio improves blood flow to the heart and in the process helps in burning fat and reducing calories to control one’s weight. Cardio respiratory workout burns a lot of calories and belly fat in the process. The amount of time you decide to put in cardio depends on your fitness. However you should slowly but steadily increase the amount of time you dedicate to cardio.

young-man-exercising-with-a-dumbbellImportance of Workout:

An ideal work out should not be a one off thing, it should in fact be a routine that is worked on a weekly or a daily basis. A workout which is planned helps you in achieving what you expect from your body in terms of appearance, size and weight.


Muscle Building and exercise is another important factor in order to control your weight or at least get shape. There is a lot of strain involved in weight lifting and correct breathing is very important for good results with your muscle building. Muscle building and exercise helps to burn calories and bring out the fitter and leaner body shape. Take stomach exercise for instance, working on your abs helps to achieve stomach shape and disperse fat accumulated in a loose belly.


Dedication is the most important factor for a successful weight loss routine. As mentioned earlier an individual cannot achieve their decide level of fitness unless they are dedicated to lose weight and carry out their weight loss programme on a routine basis. A work out carried on a planned and regulated weekly basis helps to achieve excellent results.


Rest is vital for a body to recharge and get rid of stress and tiring. Yoga is a form of exercise originated in India as per the Hindu Mythology. According to the Hindu Myth it is not possible to achieve Yog unless you give your body sufficient amounts of rest. This signifies the importance of a sufficient sleep and rest you need to give to your body. This would also involve giving you a day off from all forms of workout or exercise. Another interesting fact is while sleeping there is no food consumption and the body gets time to digest the food accumulated in the body. This once again stresses on the importance of rest and body shape and fitness.

Following is an ideal workout routine:

  • Monday

Cardio in any form for at least 30 minutes or lesser if your body cannot take the stress

  • Tuesdayman-crunches-gym-main

30 Minutes of Body Strength training which might include weights and exercise

  • Wednesday

1 hour hike or 30 minutes soft jog

  • Thursday

30 Minutes of Body Strength training which might include weights and exercise

  • Friday

Cardio in any form for at least 30 minutes or lesser if your body cannot take the stress

  • Saturday

1 hour hike or 30 minutes soft jog

  • Sunday

Complete Rest

All this is in addition to eating healthy food that helps in improving body metabolism and bowel movement. Any amount of exercise, workout, cardio etc would not get you a perfect shape and rid you completely of stomach fat if you don’t eat correct.

Healthy Cereals for Breakfast

breakfast cereals

There is a wide option of cereals available in the market. But to choose the right cereal for your breakfast is very essential. The breakfast is the most important meal of the day which should include all the vital vitamins and minerals required for your body. It is very essential that the cereals you eat should be packed with nutrition, vitamins, fiber, high protein and minerals. Along with nutritional benefits, cereals should also taste good, so that you enjoy a bowl of breakfast!

Frosted Mini Wheat

Frosted mini wheatKellogg’s mini wheat is considered to be the best breakfast cereal. It is combined with shredded grain and sugar with serves 6 g of protein and fiber each. Despite of having 12 g sugar, it is considered to be an excellent breakfast because of its overall nutritional value. You can add variety to your meal by trying different flavors!


cheeriosCheerios is highly recommended for everybody, especially for children as it is the healthiest cereal. Generally, it is introduced to children when they start learning to eat table foods. It only serves 100 calories per cup with 1 g of sugar content. Cheerios is a tasty low-calorie cereal which is a common breakfast among American children.

Total Wheat Grain

Total wheat grainIt is ready-to-eat cereal and low-calorie cereal. Total wheat grain is packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals which are required for a human body. Consuming 3/4th cup serves just 5 g of sugar and eliminates the need for multivitamins.

All Bran

all branThis is again a low-calorie cereal which provides 10 g of fiber with each serving. Make Bran cereal a part of your healthy menu. It offers 4 g of fiber and only 80 mg of sodium which becomes ideal for a nutritious breakfast. Bran is highly recommended by American Diabetes Association for the people who are diabetic. Turn your breakfast into a delicious meal by trying different recipes each day!

Quick Oats

Quick OatsIncluding oats to your breakfast is considered to the most nutritious meal. It requires less cooking time, thus retains all the nutritional value in it. One serving of oats provides 5 g of protein and 4 g of fiber approximately, which controls the cholesterol and improves the bowel movement. The sugar and sodium content is very low in oats. Enjoy oats by topping it with some dry-fruits or cinnamon.

Fiber One

Fiber OneIf you are looking for a highly rich fibrous breakfast, then fiber one is the best cereal for you. One can get more than half of the daily fiber required by the body, with just one serving. Fiber one substantially grants 14 g of fiber with a half cup portion. It is also low in calories, fat and sodium which make it a healthy cereal for your breakfast. Add some fresh fruit to it to make it more delicious and healthy.

Go Lean Crunch

Go Lean CrunchThis breakfast cereal keeps your hunger satisfied for long. It provides high protein and fiber with 9 g and 8 g respectively and 3 g of fat per serving. Keep your taste buds happy with a delicious cereal topping of sweetness and cinnamon.

Nutritious meal is a very important role for a healthy lifestyle. These are 7 healthy cereals which are ideal for a breakfast. You can relish a new breakfast each day by trying a different cereals every day. Cereals are considered to be the best food in the morning which delivers all essential vitamins and minerals which is required daily by you.

Looking For a Good Wrinkle Cream?


Aging is a part of life, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t want to look younger than you actually are. That is why there are several anti-aging products available in the market which helps you look younger than your actual age.

However, there are people who would simply not care about their skin when it is at its peak. During their teens they would not wear sunscreen when it’s necessary. Moreover, they wouldn’t even drink water that might help them get rid of any skin problems; and later on in their lives they suffer because of the mistakes they have committed in the past.

That is exactly the mistake I committed when I was young. I never really felt the need to go out with the sunscreen on and didn’t even bother drinking the amount of water necessary for my skin.

With aging becoming a pressing issue for men and women around the globe, they have taken matters into their own hands as they don’t want to look their own age. Without a doubt, there’s nothing better than looking younger than you actually are and then revealing your true age to someone, watching them stand in awe while they stare at you.

It’s true that you can’t get rid of aging miraculously overnight, but there are several products available in the market which you can choose from and they will help you get rid of aging, wrinkles, dark spots and all other skin problems that come with it.

Currently, LifeCell is an anti-aging cream that is available in the market and can be labelled as the perfect solution to all your aging problems. With this name being introduced, you might have several questions regarding the product and we should discuss them all in detail.

What is LifeCell?

Let’s start by introducing this product to you with the help of a video. People simply can’t read pages about something and learn what it can do. A demonstration is needed and that is exactly what I am going to provide you with. This video was shot after I personally tried the product over 6 weeks and you can closely examine the final outcome yourself.

Simply click play and see how this cream works. In case you want to know more about this product, you can carry on reading below.

When I first heard about LifeCell, I thought that this will just be another anti-aging product which promises more than it delivers. Then I decided to read its reviews and was shocked by the fact that each and every consumer was satisfied with the outcome and gave a positive response about the cream.

The first thing this cream helps you with is your wrinkles. It works on them in such a way that they simply vanish from your face, making you look younger in no time. It is a fact that the human eye does not actually catch a wrinkle on someone’s face but the shadow that the wrinkle casts. So, in order to look young, you need to get rid of the wrinkles.

When I applied this cream, it took only 17 seconds to show the results. You might not believe me when I say this but it’s true. After applying this cream to my problem areas, it only took 17 seconds to show a visible difference in my skin.

In case you have chosen this product, relax because you are in the safe zone. You are not going to pay for a product that will not deliver what it promises. Once you apply it, you will see the results in not months, weeks, days or hours, but seconds and I have evidence to back up my claim about this cream.

How it works?

Talking about how this cream works its magic on your skin, it simply reflects the tiny molecules of light away from the cracks which are on your skin due to the wrinkles.

As mentioned before, what the naked eye sees is only the shadow that is casted by the wrinkle and LifeCell reflects that shadow in order to make your wrinkles look less prominent.

This is only the beginning of how things start to work on your skin once you apply LifeCell on it. This gives user the confidence to start using the product as it starts promising positive results in the start. The real work on your skin, however, has still not started.

The damaged skin cells are the actual cause of the wrinkles on your skin and this product also works on them in order to eliminate wrinkles altogether.

Once you start using LifeCell you are basically securing your skin from long-term problems. You will never see any signs of aging once you have applied this product. You will see how your skin will look fresh and the wrinkles will simply disappear.

Why LifeCell and not anything else?

This is a question that pops up in everyone’s mind. Why exactly should we select this product over all the others which are available in the market? The basic reason is that this cream has the perfect ingredients for a healthy skin. The antioxidants, water-binding agents and anti-irritants will help you look young in no time.

I have personally researched on each and every detail about this product and I have gathered the following data regarding all the ingredients used in this cream:

Dithiolane-3-Pentanic Acid:
Antioxidant which is extremely healthy for the skin.

Ascorbyl Palmitate containing Vitamin C:
It helps you promote collagen synthesis. It even lightens hyperpigmentation.

This helps produce acetycholine which further helps in toning up the muscles underneath the skin.

Acetyl Hexapeptide-3:
It is the perfect alternative for Botox and it will help you avoid needles altogether.

Helps you produce several important skin molecules that will make your skin look younger and healthier. It also acts as an anti-oxidant.

Negatives about the product!

Everything in this world has its pros and cons, but in all honesty there is nothing that this cream can’t do when it comes to delivering its promise. It helps you look younger than your actual age and that is exactly what it promises to do, and that too without any side effects.

However, if there was one negative fact which I had to pick out regarding this product, it would be its price.  However, you don’t have to pay that much amount of money at least for the first 30 days when you are trying the product out. There is no doubt that LifeCell is a product which you will invest in, but once you make an investment there is always a return and in this case the return is going to be immense.

If you really want to look young and crave a skin that is fresh and wrinkle free, LifeCell is a product that you must not miss out on in any case. The first 30-day risk-free trial is going to help you understand the capability of this product and how it can help you look younger in no time.

After the 30 days, you can personally look into the matter and be the judge yourself whether you would like to continue with the product or not. In case you do want to continue, you will only have to pay $149 as you will be considered to be a VIP member.

Final Word

There is no way you can stop aging as it is a natural phenomenon which no one has a control over. However, if you want to look younger than your actual age, LifeCell is the cream you must have as I have personally tested it on myself.

Whenever you are going out to purchase it, always look into several different shops before taking the final decision. We all want to save money and market research is extremely important.

In this case, however, the risk-free trial is the perfect option for you. The 30-day trial will fit the plan perfectly as you can personally examine the product before handing the money.

Simply provide your credit card details to the producers and in case you want to cancel your subscription and don’t want to use the product, simply let them know before the 30 days run out or there is a high possibility that the full amount for the product will be charged.

Make sure that you do not pay more than $149 for the 2-month supply in case you have decided to stick to LifeCell in the future. In case they ask you to pay more, simply give them a call and let them know about the amount you are being charged.

This product, without a doubt, is currently the number 1 anti-aging cream in the market.

10 fruits and vegetables to add to your summer diet plan


You are probably having the time of your life during this summer, but there is a high possibility that you might not be taking care of your diet. With parties going on throughout this time of the year, you must be downing literally everything that pleases you. You can always add more nutrition to your diet and a little mix of healthy food by introducing a few summer fruits and vegetables to your daily regime.



Probably the best fruit you can have during the summers. It helps you through high amounts of fiber and potassium. It’s totally up to you whether you want to eat it raw or with other fruits in a salad. You can even cut it and eat it with a sandwich or a burger.



Cherries will help you in improving your antioxidant activity. The perfect way to eat cherries during summers is by making salsa, which you can mix with some chicken in order to add a different taste to the fruit.



Corn is probably the most important item that you must be eating during this summer. It will help you improve the amount of vitamins in your body as it includes folic acid, niacin and Vitamin C. Just boil the corn with a bit of butter and start eating.

Green Beans

Green Beans

Your perfect source of calcium: green beans. They can help you this summer since they have extremely low calories and high fiber.



If you think oranges can help you gain Vitamin C? Forget about it. Add lime to your everyday routine during summers and you are good to go. Lemon will help you with 25% to 30% of your daily intake. There are so many different ways through which you can consume lemon during summers.



Probably the best fruit available during summers. They are absolutely delicious and help you in reducing your body fat.



This fruit is only available during summers and it provides you with at least 10 different vitamins. The taste is an added bonus.



Raspberries can really help you in preventing cancer. Moreover, they also contain vitamins which help you look young. Easily available during summers, raspberries must be included in your daily diet at this time of the year.



The Vitamin A in this fruit will help your eyesight. Plus, with the amount of water in this fruit, you will remain hydrated throughout the day.



Zucchini is filled with water and fiber, the two things that will help you remain slim during summer.

How Saffron Extract can help you lose weight

Saffron Extract

Saffron Extract is the new secret for weight loss. For people who are trying to get rid of their fat belly, diet and exercise might not be the only things you need. What you really need in order to lose weight is to somehow get rid of your cravings which force you to eat during odd timings.

This is a problem faced by many. Eating during odd timings and between meals really acts as a catalyst towards gaining weight. However, the newly found saffron extract can really help you lose weight as it directly attacks the behavioural triggers which make you eat between meals.

There are several dietary supplements available in the market and they claim that they will help you lose weight. Many have even tried these supplements and they have worked out for them. On the other hand, there are a few who believe that these supplements are of no use and the only way you can lose weight is through proper diet and exercise. There is a little bit of truth attached to both the ends of this story, and you need to keep a check on the supplements that you are using.

The Saffron extract is quite promising when it comes to helping in losing weight. It is considered to be a drug which helps you get rid of your hunger, which eventually helps you drop a few extra pounds.


This extract is taken out from a saffron flower, which is mostly used to make the saffron spice. The extract requires a lot of concentration as thousands of flowers only give you a single pound of saffron spice. These spices extracted from saffron can also help you cure asthma, insomnia, cough and depression. It also helps women feel better when they are disturbed by their menstrual cramps. Moreover, men and women can both use these spices as an aphrodisiac.

saffron 1

Besides these different uses of the saffron extract, it can also act as an appetite suppressant. While many of the suppressants works with the help of a little extra fibre in them which makes them feel full, the saffron extract works with by adding serotonin in the human body.

Serotonin is the ‘happy hormone’ in a human’s brain and that is the reason why saffron can help cure depression. Many people tend to over eat whenever they are depressed and under pressure. Therefore, when the saffron extract works its charm, it helps you get rid of the depression and you tend to eat less if you are an emotional eater.

A simple test was carried out on two women who were emotional eaters. When the results came out, both the women were extremely happy. They both lost weight and were able to significantly reduce their food cravings.

The best thing about the saffron extract is the fact that it does not only help you lose weight; in fact, it is also an all-natural supplement. This is the reason why it is considered to be the safest way to lose weight. However, that does not mean that it is totally risk free. If you are overdosing on this drug you might end up feeling dizzy and vomiting. Other things that might happen to you include blood flowing from the nose and diarrhoea. Therefore, make sure that your in-take does not exceed the amount that you should be using in a day, or else you will eventually end up getting sick.

Health benefits attached to cucumbers

cucumber 1A simple vegetable, cucumber, is considered to be an extremely healthy food since it has low calories and fats. Moreover, it contains vitamins and minerals, which is why many people would want to consume it in order to remain fit and healthy.

Amongst so many health benefits which this vegetable has to offer, the first one is probably the bit where it keeps your body hydrated. It contains 96% water content, which is far more nutritious than the water we get to drink every day.

Due to this high amount of water in your body, you have a lesser chance of getting dehydrated. Moreover, the cucumber also contains different vitamins and a few minerals which are quite vital when it comes to taking care of your skin. It removes the puffiness under the eyes and if you rub its skin on your own skin, it will help you get rid of sunburn and windburn.

Cucumbers are also quite famous for reducing the risk against several types of cancers. These types include breast cancer, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer and uterine cancer. The three different lignans: lariciresinol, pinoresinol, and secoisolariciresinol are included in cucumbers and they are famous for reducing the risk of cancer in one’s body.

Besides this, cucumbers can also help in controlling your blood pressure. Its juice contains minerals such as potassium and magnesium and also fibres that are quite effective in controlling blood pressure.

Another big advantage of consuming cucumber juice is that it is considered to be good for you teeth and gums problems.

Cucumbers also aid in digestion. While many believe that this might be a rumour, it is scientifically proven that simple digestive problems such as acidity, heartburn, gastritis and ulcers can be easily sorted out. Besides this, it can also get rid of constipation.

Another thing which cucumbers can you help you with is by taking care of your nails. The large amount of silica in the cucumber can help you get rid of splitting and spoiling end of your nails; whether they are of your hands, or your toes.

While many thought of this to be untrue, but the recent studies have shown that cucumber’s juice can really help diabetic patients. The hormone included in this vegetable helps your pancreas, which in turn produce more insulin, which is good for diabetic patients.

This vegetable also has a compound called sterols. According to researchers, this particular compound can help you reduce cholesterol levels.

Are you having hair troubles? Do you think your hair are not growing as healthy as you want them to? Consuming cucumber is one of the many ways out. Since it contains silicon and sulphur, consuming a cucumber can eventually help you grow healthy hair. However, specialists suggest that mixing cucumber’s juice with carrot, lettuce and spinach can really help you grow healthy hair.

A good intake of cucumber everyday will help you dissolve stones in your bladder or your kidney. With a large amount of water content in the vegetable, it helps you eliminate all waste products from your body when you urinate.

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Cucumber also helps you in losing weight. The high water content aids you in losing weight and it is considered to be ideal for people who are looking forward to losing it quickly.

Lastly, it can also help you get rid of arthritis pain. Since this vegetable is extremely rich in different types of Vitamins; therefore, once it is mixed with carrot juice, it lowers the uric acid levels and helps you get rid of arthritis pain.

Specialists say that whenever you are out to buy cucumbers, you should always select the ones which are firm and dark green. Moreover, the yellow ones should be ignored.