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As we know belly fat come in two types one being healthy fat which is vital and at the same time important for the healthy functioning of the body organs. The healthy fat provide cover to the internal organs and serve as a lubricant for their regular functioning. However, if this accumulation keeps increasing it leads to the creation of unhealthy fat which can do more damage than any good.

Just think about it, what would the body do if the supply of these belly damaging fat overtakes the demand or requirement? The answer is very simple; the body will simply start to store it in places beyond the belly where it should not be going for example the heart, respiratory system, etc. Accumulation of belly fat around the heart will lead to blood pressure and even heart ailments in some cases. Similarity if your respiratory passage is compressed with fat you might have difficulty breathing and eventually much more.

Considering excess belly fat could be a dreadful consumption it would make sense in regulating its intake. Alternatively if you have too much weight gain already, you must adhere to a fast weight loss diet plan to get rid belly fat.

Best Way to Lose Belly Fat Fast?

The answer to Lose Belly Fat Fast is very simple; eat healthy (foods closest to their natural form or belly fat burning foods), work out or follow a regular exercise routine and even better do both for a fast weight loss.

  1. Eat Better


Eating better is the first step; you need to eat foods low on calories and high on proteins. Reduction in calorie consumption would help reduce weight and at the same time an increase in the consumption of proteins will give you strength to workout.

  1. Belly Fat Burning Foods

Any foods that help contain fat and also accelerate the pace of the bowel movement are what can be referred to as Belly Fat Burning Food.

Weight Loss Foods would include:

  • Green Vegetables
  • Fruits
  • Dried Fruits
  • Nuts
  • Seeds
  • Berries
  • Fish
  • Oats Meal
  • Green Tea

It would be a good idea also to sip on Green Tea after a heavy meal and or at least once a day as it helps in diluting excess fat.

exercise for fitness

  1. Exercise Regularly

It is quiet natural for most people who are obese to exercise less, this is because the body’s inability to perform normal activities due to the excess weight it has to carry. Exercising to lose belly fat fast doesn’t mean stressing the body, in means taking measures to get the human body to perform activities it is naturally inclined to do. You don’t have to run a mile but you can start exercising with a simple light jog and walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. Basically performing tasks you can do and need to do without mechanical help. However you need to set benchmarks and increase the duration and intensity of your workout (but gradually).

  1. Professional Help to lose weight

Seeking professional advice from a nutritionist, dietitian, or a weight loss instructor would be the best idea to lose belly fat fast. A professional weight loss plan would help you regulate your calorie intake and alternatively help you to eat belly fat burning foods instead. Fast weight lose can be both good and bad for your body. If you decide undertake a fast weight loss program by resorting to starving, it could be a bad idea as it could risk you to other health related issues, which can definitely be avoided if you are seeking professional advice.


  1. Medical Assistance – Weight loss pills

A qualified dietitian or nutritionist could also prescribe you some weight loss pills, depending on your body’s requirement (this is generally if you are too obese) and regulate the dosage. Consumption of weight loss pills without professional advice or unnecessarily is not recommended as this can lead to other complications or reaction.

  1. Fluid Consumption

It is very important to keep your body sufficiently hydrated. Drinking a lot of water along with meals could help fill the stomach and reduce excess food consumption.


Weight loss pills are only recommended in extreme cases, it would be better if we allow the body to naturally take charge of its self. Dedication is extremely important for you to lose belly fat. For food addicts it is going to be very difficult transformation from eating (junk) and relaxing to eating ((fat burning foods) and making your body to work out. The only factor that can make you keep going on is realizing the benefits of weight loss.

“To a healthier and fat free you”

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