Healthy Cereals for Breakfast

breakfast cereals

There is a wide option of cereals available in the market. But to choose the right cereal for your breakfast is very essential. The breakfast is the most important meal of the day which should include all the vital vitamins and minerals required for your body. It is very essential that the cereals you eat should be packed with nutrition, vitamins, fiber, high protein and minerals. Along with nutritional benefits, cereals should also taste good, so that you enjoy a bowl of breakfast!

Frosted Mini Wheat

Frosted mini wheatKellogg’s mini wheat is considered to be the best breakfast cereal. It is combined with shredded grain and sugar with serves 6 g of protein and fiber each. Despite of having 12 g sugar, it is considered to be an excellent breakfast because of its overall nutritional value. You can add variety to your meal by trying different flavors!


cheeriosCheerios is highly recommended for everybody, especially for children as it is the healthiest cereal. Generally, it is introduced to children when they start learning to eat table foods. It only serves 100 calories per cup with 1 g of sugar content. Cheerios is a tasty low-calorie cereal which is a common breakfast among American children.

Total Wheat Grain

Total wheat grainIt is ready-to-eat cereal and low-calorie cereal. Total wheat grain is packed with all the essential vitamins and minerals which are required for a human body. Consuming 3/4th cup serves just 5 g of sugar and eliminates the need for multivitamins.

All Bran

all branThis is again a low-calorie cereal which provides 10 g of fiber with each serving. Make Bran cereal a part of your healthy menu. It offers 4 g of fiber and only 80 mg of sodium which becomes ideal for a nutritious breakfast. Bran is highly recommended by American Diabetes Association for the people who are diabetic. Turn your breakfast into a delicious meal by trying different recipes each day!

Quick Oats

Quick OatsIncluding oats to your breakfast is considered to the most nutritious meal. It requires less cooking time, thus retains all the nutritional value in it. One serving of oats provides 5 g of protein and 4 g of fiber approximately, which controls the cholesterol and improves the bowel movement. The sugar and sodium content is very low in oats. Enjoy oats by topping it with some dry-fruits or cinnamon.

Fiber One

Fiber OneIf you are looking for a highly rich fibrous breakfast, then fiber one is the best cereal for you. One can get more than half of the daily fiber required by the body, with just one serving. Fiber one substantially grants 14 g of fiber with a half cup portion. It is also low in calories, fat and sodium which make it a healthy cereal for your breakfast. Add some fresh fruit to it to make it more delicious and healthy.

Go Lean Crunch

Go Lean CrunchThis breakfast cereal keeps your hunger satisfied for long. It provides high protein and fiber with 9 g and 8 g respectively and 3 g of fat per serving. Keep your taste buds happy with a delicious cereal topping of sweetness and cinnamon.

Nutritious meal is a very important role for a healthy lifestyle. These are 7 healthy cereals which are ideal for a breakfast. You can relish a new breakfast each day by trying a different cereals every day. Cereals are considered to be the best food in the morning which delivers all essential vitamins and minerals which is required daily by you.

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