Obadiah Zane’s #1 Lose Belly Fat- Routine!

Belly fat workout

Obadiah Zane’s Weight Loss Routine:

To be honest there are many methods and myths that specify a routine to follow in order to lose weight. Some would recommend exercising and some would recommend you to eat less or even starve yourself. This however might get a little confusing, depending on the body’s metabolism and complexities involved with which process to choose.

Confident young man working outBelly Fat:

Belly fat is the fat that is accumulated in our stomach and is excess to our body’s fat requirements. This is the excess consumption of our eating in comparison to our workout. An individual tends to get a belly if they don’t control their eating and alcohol consumption. Eating less food but incorrect food (fried, oily or greasy) can also lead to belly fat build-up. Beer addicts also develop a belly which is referred to as a beer belly (which again is fat accumulation).


What you eat is what you get and what you eat is ideally considered as your energy intake. Simultaneously you spend your energy on day to day activities, which all helps in burning calories. This difference between intake and output is the key to your weight loss. Take for instance you eat fried or greasy food this adds a lot of calories as compared to a healthy meal. Excess fat which collects in the body and is not burnt, only to accumulate in the stomach to give you a loose belly. So the first tip to stay healthy is to eat but healthy. You food intake should include dairy, meat, fruits, vegetables, juices lots of water; these together help in improving body metabolism, bowel movement and thus keeping a control on weight. A healthy diet should be a part of your daily weight loss routine.


Cardio is considered as an important part of a weight loss routine. Cardio may include running, jogging, swimming, cycling etc. Cardio improves blood flow to the heart and in the process helps in burning fat and reducing calories to control one’s weight. Cardio respiratory workout burns a lot of calories and belly fat in the process. The amount of time you decide to put in cardio depends on your fitness. However you should slowly but steadily increase the amount of time you dedicate to cardio.

young-man-exercising-with-a-dumbbellImportance of Workout:

An ideal work out should not be a one off thing, it should in fact be a routine that is worked on a weekly or a daily basis. A workout which is planned helps you in achieving what you expect from your body in terms of appearance, size and weight.


Muscle Building and exercise is another important factor in order to control your weight or at least get shape. There is a lot of strain involved in weight lifting and correct breathing is very important for good results with your muscle building. Muscle building and exercise helps to burn calories and bring out the fitter and leaner body shape. Take stomach exercise for instance, working on your abs helps to achieve stomach shape and disperse fat accumulated in a loose belly.


Dedication is the most important factor for a successful weight loss routine. As mentioned earlier an individual cannot achieve their decide level of fitness unless they are dedicated to lose weight and carry out their weight loss programme on a routine basis. A work out carried on a planned and regulated weekly basis helps to achieve excellent results.


Rest is vital for a body to recharge and get rid of stress and tiring. Yoga is a form of exercise originated in India as per the Hindu Mythology. According to the Hindu Myth it is not possible to achieve Yog unless you give your body sufficient amounts of rest. This signifies the importance of a sufficient sleep and rest you need to give to your body. This would also involve giving you a day off from all forms of workout or exercise. Another interesting fact is while sleeping there is no food consumption and the body gets time to digest the food accumulated in the body. This once again stresses on the importance of rest and body shape and fitness.

Following is an ideal workout routine:

  • Monday

Cardio in any form for at least 30 minutes or lesser if your body cannot take the stress

  • Tuesdayman-crunches-gym-main

30 Minutes of Body Strength training which might include weights and exercise

  • Wednesday

1 hour hike or 30 minutes soft jog

  • Thursday

30 Minutes of Body Strength training which might include weights and exercise

  • Friday

Cardio in any form for at least 30 minutes or lesser if your body cannot take the stress

  • Saturday

1 hour hike or 30 minutes soft jog

  • Sunday

Complete Rest

All this is in addition to eating healthy food that helps in improving body metabolism and bowel movement. Any amount of exercise, workout, cardio etc would not get you a perfect shape and rid you completely of stomach fat if you don’t eat correct.

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