Best Weight Loss Foods and Pills


balanced-meal-planLooking to lose weight? Starving yourself for those last few stubborn pounds? Well, starve no more. As opposed to popular myth, starving oneself to lose weight is never the answer. Skipping meals and saying no to food altogether not only does not produce desirable results for weight loss, it also has temporary effects with added increase health risks.

The key to weight loss is moderation and foremost it is not how much you eat but what you eat. It is very essential for an individual to know what they eat when trying to lose weight. One can introduce several particular food groups in their diet to help with their weight loss process.

First, get rid of the fat. As tasty a food group as it may be, fats need to be reduced to near negligible when trying to lose weight. Switch to high protein diets. Try having an egg for breakfast – boiled or scrambled mind you. Rich in protein content, eggs not only provide you with the necessary energy required for a full nutritious breakfast but they also make you feel full longer curbing the urge to nibble on snacks in-between meals. Also a good addition to your breakfast is an oat based cereal. Throw out that sugary coated frosted cereal and make room for the oats. Rich in fiber with absolutely no fat content, an oat based cereal is an essential must have for anyone looking to lose weight without having to cut down on the food.

Remember how I said earlier to get rid of the fat. Well that is not entirely true. Instead of removing the fat completely from your diet, it is absolutely imperative that you identify the right fat and the wrong fat. Lean protein meat such as chicken and fish make suitable replacements for the fatty red meat such as beef and ham. With almost equal the protein content required by the body daily, lean meat offers a healthier alternative removing the unnecessary dangerous fats found in processed meat. Reducing the fat content in your meals does not mean swearing off fried foods and oil altogether. Try switching to healthier alternatives like olive and canola oil. Rich with unsaturated fats, these oils are processed faster by the body without leaving any fatty residue to add to the weight gain.

1Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables eaten per meal. A meal doesn’t necessarily have to have those thick juicy meaty portions to taste delicious. A fruit or a vegetable salad can be equally tasty without the added risk of a coronary attack. Adding fruits like blackberries and pear or vegetables like broccolis and avocados can increase the nutritional value of your meal considerably. Anti oxidant and anti aging chemicals in the berries help flush out the system of any toxins and keeps your body healthy. According to a recent research pears provide high fiber content in your diet. Broccoli also help introduce anti oxidants in your system to help prevent cancer. Another addition to the class of nutritious fruits is the grapefruit. Packed with water, essential vitamins, minerals and other chemicals, a half a grapefruit before every meal can speed up the process of losing those excess pounds.

As much as you should worry about fats, you should never ignore the carbs either. Excess of carbohydrates in your body ends up being converted to fat and therefore the daily intake needs to be checked. Brown is the new white. Switch out your white bread and white rice with brown bread and brown rice. With lower carbohydrate content, the brown “stuff” provides the same amount of calories with a fiber rich, low fat

As much as eating right is the key, knowing what you drink is also important. In addition to the essential water, drinks like green tea, iced tea and wine can also be used in moderation to shed those extra pounds. To all those caffeine lovers out there, coffee is not the answer – at least not when it comes to weight loss. Also sodas or soft drinks of any kind should be avoided. Moderated intake of wine or either types of the above mentioned teas have been known to introduce certain naturally occurring chemicals in your body that not only help reduce weight loss but also provide the added bonus of anti aging and anti cancer substances.

The next time you feel like losing some weight, remember, it is okay to eat as long as you know what you eat. Keep your food groups in check and you are good to go. Starving is never the answer.

Do Research Before Buying The Best Wrinkle Creams

skin-beauty2An age old yearning exists in every individual. While men look to amass power and wealth, women yearn for youth. A youthful skin is every woman’s ultimate dream. She will try any and everything to reclaim her lost youth and get rid of her age lines and wrinkles. Although their search for the fountain of youth continues, women can still reclaim their lost youth by adopting certain practices in their everyday life. These range from basic skin care to what she eats.

The most essential method that she can employ to look young again is to drink plenty of water and fluids. A hydrated skin is a young skin. Wrinkles and age lines are often caused when the skin becomes tough and dry and begins to crack. Drinking plenty of water and fluids ensures that the skin is always well hydrated and has enough moisture to “stay in place”. An increased water and fluid intake also helps flush out any skin toxins that may damage the skin prolonging the ageing process for as long as possible.

An ageing woman may also want to look at what she eats. Too much sugar in her diet may be what is causing her wrinkles. A chemical in the sugar bonds with the protein in her skin, collagen, degrading it to cause sagging and wrinkles. Although she shouldn’t swear off sweets altogether, she must certainly reduce the amount of sugary treats she treats herself to everyday. Too much heat in the body may also damage the skin protein. Eating cooler foods like vegetables, yoghurt etc is always a good idea. She should steer clear of or at least cut down on the fatty food.

Quality skin care products are a must have for any woman trying to recapture her youth. Devoid of harmful chemicals, only quality face wash and moisturizers must be used. Every day after waking up and before going to bed at night, she should wash her face gently with cold water. Rough scrubbing can also damage the skin causing it to crack. After washing her face, she should gently apply moisturizer especially near the neck and underneath eyes. When applying moisturizer she should rub in a neck to eye direction so as to avoid wrinkles. Underneath the eyes, the moisturizer should be applied in a circular fashion. When going outside in the sun only quality sun screens without the harmful chemicals should be used. Recipes to several homemade mixtures can be found on the Internet consisting of mostly natural herbs. When trying to go for a younger looking skin it is absolutely imperative that the amount of chemicals whether in the form of make up or otherwise used on the skin should be as low as

Sleeping patterns and especially sleeping postures also help in achieving a younger looking skin. Several studies have shown that certain postures may cause sleep lines on one’s face which may eventually result in wrinkles. Therefore she should make sure she sleeps on her back and not her belly so as to avoid causing any sleep lines on her face. Also she should ensure that she gets at least six to eight hours sleep every day. Like any other muscles in our body, skin muscles also need to relax and a complete uninterrupted sleep ensures that. Facial expressions also contribute towards how the skin looks. She should refrain from frowning or furrowed brows since they have been known to increase wrinkles on one’s face.

Only by taking extra care of her skin and giving it the proper treatment it deserves can a woman hope to reclaim her lost youth and achieve a healthy younger looking skin.



imagesLiving in a fast paced world of today everyone is too busy and impatient to wait for results. Everyone wants fast and quick not to mention effective results. Be it business or otherwise, even when it comes to their dietary plans and workout routines, every individual is obsessed with looking for that one true method that would help them lose their fat quickly.

However, as quick a method should be one should be mindful of the fact that the fastest method is not always the wisest choice. When it comes to losing weight one should keep in mind that although unwanted fat should be trimmed, there should be a calculated approach to it. Starving oneself to lose weight is never the answer. Granted the method may show quick results, they are often short lived and temporary. A balance maintained between an all rounded workout routine and a nutritious diet is often the most effective way to lose weight.

Like everything is controlled by money in this world, weight too is dictated by its currency – the calories. A term often misinterpreted to mean fat, calories mean quite the opposite. A basic unit to measure the amount of food ingested, the calories are present in every food item, whether it be a garden salad or a rib eye beef steak. The important point to be kept in mind when worrying about weight loss is the amount of calories ingested per meal. Often if this quantity can be controlled, one can easily get started with the weight loss process and achieve satisfactory and long lasting results.burn-fat-fast-21

With access to a vast resource of dietary and nutritional material on the Internet, it is quite easy for the common person to calculate their exact calorie needs per meal. From breakfast to the dinner to those in between snacks with tea, one can easily calculate the amount of calories they need in every meal. However, calculating these calories is not enough. It’s not about the value but what one eats. For example, eating a salami sandwich with rich mayonnaise dressing may meet your calorie intake for a lunch however, it isn’t the only thing you should have. A well rounded meal with every food group from carbs to proteins to vitamins should be a person’s aim when trying to lose weight.

When trying to lose weight it is essential to incorporate a large variety of vegetables in your everyday meals. Not only do vegetables provide you with every essential food group, they also help you feel full without eating as much. A large quantity of vegetables in any meal will trick the brain into thinking one has eaten a lot without actually stuffing themselves with a large piece of red processed meat. Vegetables also provide those certain kinds of fats into your everyday meals that not only reduce health risk but are processed easily instead of being stored and adding to the weight.

Another essential method when trying to lose weight fast is to drink lots of water. Water like vegetables helps make you feel full without actually eating. It also does not add to the calorie count of the meal and helps flush out the system of any and all toxins. A hydrated body also helps regulate heart beats and breathing rates when exercising.

6-waysA couch potato never loses weight. In fact sitting around doing nothing has quite the opposite effect. Keep yourself busy at all times. An effective way to keep one busy and also help reduce weight is exercising. An intense cardio vascular routine incorporated into your everyday life will not help you keep active it will also help considerably in losing weight and reducing any health risks. However, one should be careful when losing weight. Excess of anything is always bad. Similarly one’s exercise routine should be well planned and just enough to nudge the process of weight loss without overdoing it. As unwanted as they may be fats are essential to the human body and should not be trimmed down below the normal limit. Too much weight loss quickly can pose health risks. This is why moderation is the key. To all those people looking for short cuts, well newsflash, there aren’t any. Only a balance maintained between a well planned exercise routine and a well rounded and calculated diet can help them achieve the desired results.

50 Ways To Lose Belly Fat


Feel like taking a break from those tiring workout routines? Dying to indulge yourself with mouth-watering fatty treats? Has the dieting taken a back seat lately? Fear not, all these are normal responses to health conscious individuals desperate to drop those few pounds from their bellies. However, going into second gear with the workout routines is not the answer. Following these easy dietary changes, you can easily drop the excess fat to achieve a healthier, leaner body.

  1. Avoid using excess oil when stir frying vegetables. A nutritious addition to your diet, vegetables lose all their plus points when fried in a bath of oil. Instead add a few drops of oil to kick start before letting the vegetables “fry” in their own moisture.
  2. Effectively heat up the oil before cooking meat and vegetables in it. It is always wise to warm up the skillet before adding oil to it since cold oil tends to soak into the food as opposed the warm oil.
  3. Trick your brain into eating less. An effective way is to slice up portion into several pieces. This way the amount of food consumed looks more yet it is effectively smaller in portion than your usual intake.
  4. Cut down on oil especially when grilling chicken. An alternative to oil could be a marinade made up of 3 cups apple juice and 1 cup reduced sodium soy sauce with two cloves of pressed garlic.
  5. Instead of switching to veggie patties in burger try filling a large portion of the beef patty with mushrooms, olives etc. This way the burger is more filling and carries much less calorie intake than a normal beef burger
  6. Introduce lycopene in your daily diet. Switch to organic tomato ketchups which according to studies contain large amount of the cancer-fighting chemical. Albeit the organic ketchup looka darker than regular ketchup, it pretty much tastes the same
  7. Avoid using high-fat coconut oil. When cooking curries, alternate the coconut oil with yoghurt adding a creamy texture to the curry and a lower fat content.
  8. Dieting does not mean swearing off pizzas. However, it is wise to maintain a proper meat to vegetable ratio in your pizzas. For every meat topping you add to your pizza add one or two extra vegetable topping. This not only balances out in favour of healthy food, it also helps fight of the carcinogens present in meat.
  9. Losing weight and swearing off meat do not go hand in hand contrary to the popular myth. Instead of avoiding meat balls altogether, go for bulkier balls. Add your favourite vegetables to the meatballs which make the balls larger without taking away the meaty flavour.I-want-to-lose-belly-fat
  10. When making a low fat, antioxidant lasagna, it is wiser not to mention healthier to cut down the meat portion in half and replace it with red lentils. A neutral flavoured bean, the red lentil provides the same protein content with a reduced intake of carcinogens and no change in the overall taste of the dish.
  11. Whenever a recipe calls for coating meat with bread crumbs, use rolled oats instead. A healthier alternative, the oats retain moisture well, increase the fiber intake and help reduce cholesterol.
  12. Instead of giving up on the delicious treat that is the fish and chips, go for a healthier, easier recipe of the dish. Mix up a coating batter with sparkling water and some self raising flour. Coat the fish strips of haddock or cod in the batter. Fry the fish to crispy in some canola oil. Instead of fries, cut the potato into strips and add a flavouring of your choice before baking it to golden brown.
  13. Cheese adds a lot of fat content to your daily diet. A suitable alternative in a dish which calls for topping with grated cheese, reduce the amount of cheese to half and add whole-wheat bread crumbs to it. The crumbs seem like cheese with the added goodness of increased fiber content.
  14. An integral cog of a delicious sandwich is the deli meat that goes into it. Choosing the appropriate deli meat can help trim the daily intake of your fat to up to 50%. The healthiest of the deli meats are the turkey and chicken followed by roast beef and ham bottomed off by salami and olive loaf. Staying in the beef family, switching from salami to roast beef in your sandwiches can help reduce the fat content of your lunch meals considerably.
  15. Some things should never mix. As tasty as it may be, mixing tuna with mayonnaise is a coronary waiting to happen. Instead of topping off the tuna with mayonnaise try switching to a lemon juice, hot sauce and pepper dressing.
  16. Switch from slices. With the added bonus of cutting down on the cost of cheese single slices, try adding grated parmesan cheese to your sandwiches. A reduced quantity of your usual intake, the sandwich still has the flavour and a lot less fat content.
  17. Hardcore cheese dishes like mac ‘n’ cheese and grilled cheese sandwiches can easily be made healthier by switching the cheddar cheese with pureed butternut squash. Not only does it taste relatively the same but it provides the same texture with the added bonus of high potassium and vitamin content.
  18. Switch to pita. When making sandwiches not only should you add more vegetables to it but you should try packing it all in a whole –wheat pita wrap as opposed to bread slices. Not only do you increase the serving portion but your sandwich is a lot healthier now with reduced fat content and increase fiber.
  19. If the pita does not suit your taste you can get rid of the carbs altogether. Instead of using bread or other alternatives in your sandwiches, follow the age old Korean tradition of wrapping meat in edible leafs. Use the lettuce instead of the slices of bread to cut down on the carbohydrates.
  20. Recent studies show that olive oil is just not enough. The next time you make a salad, instead of drenching it with ‘light’ olive oil go for the extra virgin kind. Albeit a little bitter, the extra virgin olive oil has all the essential nutrients required for a healthy meal.
  21. Going green is just not for the environment anymore. Bring the ‘Green Act’ to your sandwiches. Replace the high fat content mayonnaise with the ripe avocado spread. Not only does the spread offer a different taste to your sandwiches, it also helps keep it moist alongside reducing the fat content of your daily sandwich. Avocados also help reduce cholesterol while the chemicals in them help fight off the cancer of the mouth.
  22. To reduce the calorie count on your gyro make a dressing with some fat free yoghurt mixed with some lemon juice and some sliced cucumbers and add it to your chicken filled pita.
  23. Replacing the fatty corned beef with a turkey ham in a classic Reuben cheese topped with mozzarella, cabbage, pickles and mustard is an effective way to trim off some fat grams from your daily diet.
  24. When making tuna, egg or chicken salad sandwiches it is wise to replace the amount of may used with some healthy creamy Greek plain
  25. A research by a notable dietitian shows that adding protein content to one’s meals not only helps fill up faster but it also reduces the calorie intake per meal. It is, therefore, recommended to top oatmeal and hot cereals with some Parmesan cheese to add the extra flavour and proteins to your meals.
  26. When making pancakes, try switching the flour with cornmeal. The cornmeal not only adds great texture but it also provides additional fiber and magnesium content to your breakfasts.
  27. Cereals taken with milk often lose their nutrients in the milk. Make sure to finish that milk left behind to the last drop to get the required nutritional content necessary in your daily diet.
  28. When making smoothies make sure you use bananas. Naturally sweet, the banana adds no extra sugary fatty content to your smoothie and offers a healthier alternative.
  29. Using a mixture of hot sauce, olive oil, garlic powder and red wine vinegar, marinate skinless chicken breasts to replace the chicken wings for Buffalo wings. Roasted, the chicken breasts offer a healthier alternative to the “wings” with generally the same taste.
  30. Don’t say not to chocolate but don’t go overboard either. Topping savoury dishes with some shavings of dark chocolates keeps the amount of chocolate eaten in check and also adds flavonoids to your meals which lowers the risk of heart disease and cholesterol.
  31. Improve the quality of your dips by using fat free sour cream or yoghurt with equal parts of salsa topped with some lemon juice or herbs.
  32. Blue is the new green. When next craving for nachos or quesadillas, go for the blue corn tortilla as opposed to the white corn one. With reduced glycemic content, it will help keep the blood sugar in check with the added bonus of high protein and low starch.
  33. Shelled nets are equally tasty as unshelled nuts. Go for the former. The amount of energy and time going into shelling the nuts will keep a check on the amount of nuts eaten.
  34. More than raw, roasted or dry, boiled peanuts have four times the amount of antioxidants in them. Boil those peanuts along with their shells for a few hours before eating. Boiled peanuts make for a healthy snack in China.
  35. Adding a topping of cheese, mushrooms, broccoli or spinach to boiled potatoes will help balance the blood sugar levels by countering the glycemic load in the potatoes. A healthier alternative to swearing off baked potatoes altogether.
  36. A washed bean is a healthy bean. Be it kidney, chickpea or the cannellini, simply rinsing the beans will shed the sodium levels in it without affecting protein or fiber content reducing the risk of stomach cancer and high blood pressure.
  37. The perfect way of steaming vegetables without robbing them of their nutrients is to rinse them and then microwave them in a sealed container for a few minutes. Without adding extra water, the vegetables can be steamed to perfection in their own moisture or the residual moisture left after rinsing.
  38. Adding a portion of canned beans to white rice will help counter the affect of the starch from the rice on blood sugar.
  39. Replacing the whole milk with evaporated fat free milk in mashed potatoes will not only add a creamy texture to them but also help reduce the fat content with increased calcium.
  40. Make it a habit of having water before meals. Not only does this keep you hydrated but it also fills your stomach and enables you to eat less and help reduce weight.
  41. Switch from sodas to iced tea. Always opt for iced tea when eating out. Not only does the iced tea have the essential vitamins required by your body, it also cuts down on the calories and introduces antioxidants in your system which helps prevent cancer.
  42. When eating at a buffet, make it a rule of thumb to fill half the plate with fruits and vegetables and the remaining half with the meat and carbs etc. This way you can ensure a healthy intake without over eating.
  43. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. However, recent studies have shown that a tablespoon full of oregano is actually equal to one whole apple. An herb that goes with everything, oregano can provide you with the daily requirement of antioxidants needed to keep your body in check and healthy.lose-bell-fat
  44. A hot and spicy meal helps reduce weight. Capsaicin the chemical which makes chillies hot helps clear the insulin from the blood prevents the storage of fats aiding in weight loss.
  45. Using softer cheese like goat or feta helps lower the fat content taken in meals cutting down on the overall calories. While the strong flavoured cheese like Parmesan or the blue cheese provide the same taste with less cheese.
  46. A salad drizzled with vinegar with every meal helps reduce the spikes in blood sugar level.
  47. Try switching to shrimps and prawns from chicken when you feel like a change from the usual. A leaner meat, not only are shrimps easier and quicker to cook, they also provide a low fat and protein content in your meals.
  48.  Instead of gulping down entire bottled water in one sitting. Pour half of it in your glass with meals while refrigerating the rest for later. This helps cut down the calories contained in typical bottled water.

Sensa Weight Loss – The hidden reality


Sensa is a weight loss product that will modify a little in your brain and your taste buds so that you can eventually lose weight. Once you consume this product, your brain gives your body the signal that it is full even before you have completed your meal. Therefore, you will be taking in less food and eventually losing weight. This feeling is extremely important in order to lose weight and Dr. Alan Hirsch, the developer of Sensa, has worked perfectly in order to create this feeling in your body once you start consuming sense. However, the official Sensa website reveals that exercise is still important for you in order to lose weight faster than expected.

The product seems to promise more than it actually gives. A few people suffering with obesity problems find it hard to lose weight through Sensa. Therefore, many Sensa users do not really recommend the product.

The truth about Sensa Weight Loss

Several consumers have claimed that they lose weight by consuming Sensa. It is true that it helps you by giving you a feeling of fulfilment before you have actually consumed a lot of food; however, there are people out there who tend to overeat. Therefore, Sensa is definitely not the product for them.

Weight loss basically revolves around the idea that you take in fewer calories than the ones that your body requires. You must control the intake of any calories. Moreover, exercising can also help you burn the calories already inside your body. Therefore, Sensa is a product that would work for some, while it will not work for some as well. Doctors and physicians still recommend that you opt for a healthy diet plan and start exercising. However, many want a safe and easier way out and they purchase pills and products such as Sensa.

There are also side effects attached with such products, and even Sensa has a few of its own. The Tricalcium Phosphate used in the making of this product causes nausea, vomiting, decrease in appetite, constipation, dry mouth, increased urination and thirst. With such feelings attached to you after consuming this product, you will definitely find it hard to eat. But is it worth a try since you will be going through all these intense feelings?

The company itself has nothing to say about Tricalcium Phosphate and even the official website does not mention a single thing about this chemical used in the making of this product.

However, if you still purchase this product and are lucky enough to lose weight from it, leaving it out from your daily routine will make things tough for you. Your hunger will eventually return and you will end up eating more than you used to eat before. Therefore, it is a product that you will have to consume almost every day. Therefore, in order to lose weight through Sensa, the price you will be paying from your pocket will not be the only price that you will be paying in order to lose a few extra pounds.


Raspberry ketones – Are the myths true?


There are many who believe that Raspberry Ketones will help them in weight loss. Raspberry Ketones are mixed with red raspberries in order to add sweet aroma and they are mostly sold in their most nutritious form.

Mostly, people believe that Raspberry ketones are the same as capsaicin, which is a natural chemical used to adjust metabolism. However, there is also less to almost no scientific evidence that Raspberry ketones can further help you in losing weight.

The best place to find these Raspberry ketones is online. They are widely available for sale on different online stores. Moreover, numerous of food stores which mostly sell nutritious and healthy supplements will definitely have them.

Truth about Raspberry Ketones

Not much scientific research has been done surrounding raspberry ketones and due to lack of knowledge, not many know about the fact whether consuming raspberry ketones is safe or not.

However, it has already been proved that raspberry ketones release norepinephrine, a solution which will not be healthy for people who are already experiencing a few problems such as high blood-pressure, asthma, and other chronic pulmonary diseases. Norepinephrine is a chemical which is famous for increasing blood pressure.

Now the question is whether you should consume Raspberry Ketones for weight loss. Since the research on this topic is lacking, you cannot totally rely on raspberry ketones in order to lose weight. It is not safe to consume something which is not recommended by health specialists and since it is still a grey area, you should not exploit it until you are sure whether you should consume such things or not. Most of the health institutions, or even your doctors, would advise you to go for a weight-management plan instead.

A weight management plan will help you keep a healthy food diet and you can further release stress by managing it and getting a good eight-hour sleep every night. There is also evidence surrounding yoga and meditation, and you can always opt for it in order to release everyday-stress.

Do not consider using raspberry ketones in order to lose weight until and unless you have spoken to your doctor, or physician, who will know more about it and will help you keep a suitable routine.

While the research on this topic is still limited, there is no doubt that raspberry ketones still have a few positives to take from them. A bit of animal experimentation has helped in understanding the fact that taking in raspberry ketones will help you in not gaining weight even if you consume a lot of fat later on.

This experiment was carried out with mice back in the year 2005. A few mice were fed with raspberry ketones for one week and for the next week they were given a healthy diet inclusive of a lot of fat. The whole experiment revealed that once you add raspberry ketones to your body, it will help you fight the weight gain which the fats in your body rush for. Moreover, the experiment carried out also helped the doctors in understanding the fact that raspberry ketones do not allow your liver to build fat inside it.

Another recent study, which was carried out in the year 2010, has tested raspberry ketones on fat cells. The study showed that once you use raspberry ketones, they will help you release a hormone called Adiponectin, which helps in breaking down fat inside the human body.

Green Coffee with Svetol – What’s the truth?


There are several weight-loss supplements which are ‘hot’, but they have not really settled in well with the consumers. Examples can be taken from chromium picolinate, CLA, hoodia, raspberry ketones, etc. However, now people are considering the green coffee bean extracts. While the others have also been considered as good supplements to lose weight through boosting metabolism, or suppressing appetite, the green coffee bean extracts now fall into the same category.

What exactly are the green coffee extracts? They are basically green seeds which are found inside a bright red berry. Once you roast those beans, they turn brown and smell just like coffee. In order to create the green coffee bean extracts, rather than roasting the seeds, you soak them.

Now, the question that would pop up in everyone’s mind is the fact that why exactly are we using these seeds and not consuming coffee itself? Well, when we burn coffee seeds, or even beans, and then roast them, the antioxidants levels inside them tend to increase. However, another natural substance inside it, the chlorogenic acid, it decreases. This particular acid, or chemical, is considered to be extremely effective in order to block the building up of fat. It also does not allow you to boost up any weight loss and it eventually helps you regulate your blood sugar levels after you have done taking a meal. Besides this, the green coffee extract does not exactly smell like coffee.

The truth about Green Coffee with Svetol

There was once a study which was carried out. It included 100 women who were divided in a group of two. While one group was given a placebo, the other group was given the green coffee extracts. Both groups of women were asked not to change their diet along with what was being offered to them. The final result showed that the ones taking the placebo lost 1 pound, while the ones taking the green coffee bean extracts lost 2 pounds.

There are still people who would advise everyone against taking the green coffee beans extract. They believe that it totally depends whether they are safe or not.

The evidence surrounding the green coffee is extremely limited. One recent study was able to show the huge impact that this supplement had on weight loss. It was shown in the study that the people who used and consumed green coffee extracts lost around 16 pounds in almost six weeks. The dosage that the people took was of either 1050mg or 700mg. Later, the same study was criticized as the number of people which were observed and were taken as experiments were only limited to 16. Moreover, the whole study was actually carried out by the green coffee bean extract manufacturer.

Another study which had about 142 participants showed almost a totally opposite result. It deducted that the green coffee extract does not really make you lose weight drastically, but there is definitely some impact on your diet and your weight in the long run.


E-Z Weight Loss Pills – Do they really work?

E-Z Weight Loss pills, or the diet appetite suppressant, are labeled as a diet supplement. It helps the consumer lose weight through increasing the supply of energy and increasing the metabolism rate. The ingredients used in this product are all natural, which is extremely positive for most of the consumers as they would not want to chemically reduce their weight as many believe that they leave side-effects. However, there is no doubt that this supplement is nothing new to the market. This supplement uses the concept of thermogenics as it helps you burn the fat in the body in the most efficient way possible.

The E-Z Weight loss pills contain chromium, garcina cambogia, citrus aurantium, kola nut and green tea.

The truth about E-Z Weight Loss Pill

The suppressant E-Z Weight Loss Pill uses ingredients that can eventually help you or not help you in starting and pulling off a diet plan. The Chromium added in the pill will help you increase mass in terms of muscle and your body will resist taking sugar. However, there are absolutely no studies that back this statement.

Another helpful ingredient is the Garcina Cambogia, a citrus fruit and an extremely helpful ingredient in losing weight. There are a few studies which have shown that it can actually help you stop calories from converting into fat. Moreover, it also helps the brain signal that you have taken more food than you have actually taken.

The most debatable ingredient is probably the Citrus Aurantium. Many believe that this ingredient causes a heart failure and it is still being used in making this pill. On the other hand, the Kola Nut is used to increase a sense of happiness and it is being used in different products for quite some time now. However, it is also considered to be hazardous for health.

The last ingredient is the green tea, which is used as a diuretic: anything that increases the production of urine in your body.
The main advantage of this product is the fact that it contains an extremely simple formula. Moreover, you get 60 pills in a single bottle, which are FDA approved and cost only $20 per bottle. Thirdly, there are companies making this pill with totally natural components in order to avoid any risks.

Researchers believe that taking this pill will not help you lose weight as much as a proper diet, a healthy routine and exercise. Moreover, there is almost no research being done about this supplement. Besides this, the weight loss industry has far better and more effective products just like this one. And last but not the least; one should consider that there are ingredients in this product which will leave harmful side effects.

Therefore, you should always think about your health rather than just the weight loss that comes with this product. It is always better to keep a healthy diet and exercise in order to lose weight. Moreover, taking even the slightest of risks is not a good idea; therefore, always opt for something safer.

Alli Weight-Loss Aid – The Truth


Alli is used for adults who are overweight and are struggling to lose a few pounds. However, if you are experiencing obesity, you might want to take a look at the detailed analysis surrounding the Alli Weight-Loss aid.

Alli is basically a weaker version of the drug called Xenical, which is used to tear down obesity problems. Adults who are above 18 years of age can purchase this drug and follow a low-fat diet in order to lose weight.

The truth about Alli Weight-Loss Aid

While many believe that taking drugs is not the safe path towards losing weight, a research back in 2009 revealed that using Alli Weight-Loss aid, you have absolutely no chances of injuring your liver. However, there are still other side-effects which you might want to keep in check before you prusue this weight-loss technique.

Now your question might be: How exactly does Alli work? Well, it promotes weight loss as it help you absorb all the fat through intestines; which further helps you reduce the total number of calories which you absorb in a day.

Lipase is a famous enzyme which helps your digestive system break down fat into small components, so that you can later use it in order to use your energy. What Alli does is, it totally disables your lipase, which means that the fat in your system does not break and the unbroken fat enters your intestines and is eliminated through bowel movements.

Doctors and nutritionists believe that one should take Alli with meals which contain a lot of fat. However, you have to make sure that the fat you take is not too much, as a high amount of fat with Alli might make it hard for you to digest and you might end up with a diarrhea or gas.

Despite so many problems, Alli can definitely help you lose weight; a little more than what you expect to lose by dieting a exercising. Studies have shown that at an average Xenical would help you lose 5 to 7 pounds, which diet and exercise cannot help you with.

But it’s true that even though this drug is considered to be extremely powerful in terms of losing weight, you can still experience a few side effects. According to research you can have gas and oily discharge. Moreover, consuming more fat might result in a diarrhea. Moreover, your bowel movements increase and it is extremely hard to control them.

There are people who shouldn’t take this drug. People who are already healthy, or who are taking cyclosporine shouldn’t take this drug at all. Moreover, it might also harm people who have had an organ transplanted once in their life. Besides this, people who are already having trouble absorbing food should also try and not take this drug.

For the first six months of consuming this drug, you are expected to lose weight as much as promised by the doctor who has prescribed this drug to you. Make sure that the first six months are the limit and if you are still not losing as much weight as expected, you must go see a physician or a doctor.

Alli weight-loss aid can also help you lose weight in a healthy way. You just have to make sure that whatever drugs you take, you must follow a schedule which includes exercise and consuming healthy diet. Get rid of the lifestyle that is being a catalyst towards gaining weight. Get up, exercise and follow a healthy diet.

Try to talk things out with your doctor as they are there to help you and they will always give you the best suggestion for losing weight, using drugs and even following a healthy diet plan.


ACAI BERRY – Does it work?

Acai Berry

There are several people out there who want to know more about the acai berry diet and whether it is actually effective or not. With the rate at which obesity is increasing in the world today, it is not a surprise to see how people want to try different thing in order to lose weight. Most of them try to find a solution which is totally natural and does not have any side effects. Any pills and other weight loss solutions are often found to be dangerous, but now the world is after the acai berries because they are considered to act as a huge catalyst in losing weight.

These berries are found in the Central and South American rain forests and they taste and look like strawberries and grapes. They only grow in the rainforests and as soon as the public found out about them, they took the market by storm. The diet industry was overtaken by the Acai berries and everyone wanted to purchase them in order to lose weight.

The Truth about Acai Berries

When it comes down to acai berries, they are extremely natural and healthy. However, the fact that it stays on the shelf for a less time, not many people are able to consume it the way it should be consumed. The first drawback of these berries is the fact that they cannot grow anywhere else except the rainforests. Therefore, with a limited amount of supply, some companies have made up supplements which claim that they include these berries, but actually they don’t. Therefore, there are several diet pills and powders which are not actually healthy and safe for your body, yet they still claim that they can solve your weight problems.

The acai berry includes antioxidants. This really helps you out in your diet plan. There are other fruits which offer antioxidants as well, but for some reason acai berries are far more effective when it comes to aiding people in losing weight. The scientists are still researching on this and they have only found out that this berry is full of antioxidant; however, we cannot put a finger on the fact that these antioxidants are the only things helping the people in losing weight.

The industry that markets this product claims that it helps a person lose weight by suppressing his/her appetite. However, this has not been proven by the scientists around the world. Moreover, there are also a few who claim that the amount of calories in the berry gives your body the signal that you are full, even though you are not.

Intake of fruits is always considered to be healthy. This is one of the first few reasons which the scientists have given for acai berries’ unusual success in terms of a good diet plan.

There are diet pills in the market at the moments which claim that they have included the acai berries. However, by the time the berry gest crushed into powder form, it loses the nutritious value it is famous for. On the other hand, frozen pulps might be the closest way out, but they are extremely expensive. What you need to keep in mind is the fact that acai berries are not the only way out of your weight problems. You must exercise and follow a healthy diet plan in order to lose weight naturally and in a healthy way.