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10 fruits and vegetables to add to your summer diet plan


You are probably having the time of your life during this summer, but there is a high possibility that you might not be taking care of your diet. With parties going on throughout this time of the year, you must be downing literally everything that pleases you. You can always add more nutrition to your diet and a little mix of healthy food by introducing a few summer fruits and vegetables to your daily regime.



Probably the best fruit you can have during the summers. It helps you through high amounts of fiber and potassium. It’s totally up to you whether you want to eat it raw or with other fruits in a salad. You can even cut it and eat it with a sandwich or a burger.



Cherries will help you in improving your antioxidant activity. The perfect way to eat cherries during summers is by making salsa, which you can mix with some chicken in order to add a different taste to the fruit.



Corn is probably the most important item that you must be eating during this summer. It will help you improve the amount of vitamins in your body as it includes folic acid, niacin and Vitamin C. Just boil the corn with a bit of butter and start eating.

Green Beans

Green Beans

Your perfect source of calcium: green beans. They can help you this summer since they have extremely low calories and high fiber.



If you think oranges can help you gain Vitamin C? Forget about it. Add lime to your everyday routine during summers and you are good to go. Lemon will help you with 25% to 30% of your daily intake. There are so many different ways through which you can consume lemon during summers.



Probably the best fruit available during summers. They are absolutely delicious and help you in reducing your body fat.



This fruit is only available during summers and it provides you with at least 10 different vitamins. The taste is an added bonus.



Raspberries can really help you in preventing cancer. Moreover, they also contain vitamins which help you look young. Easily available during summers, raspberries must be included in your daily diet at this time of the year.



The Vitamin A in this fruit will help your eyesight. Plus, with the amount of water in this fruit, you will remain hydrated throughout the day.



Zucchini is filled with water and fiber, the two things that will help you remain slim during summer.