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balanced-meal-planLooking to lose weight? Starving yourself for those last few stubborn pounds? Well, starve no more. As opposed to popular myth, starving oneself to lose weight is never the answer. Skipping meals and saying no to food altogether not only does not produce desirable results for weight loss, it also has temporary effects with added increase health risks.

The key to weight loss is moderation and foremost it is not how much you eat but what you eat. It is very essential for an individual to know what they eat when trying to lose weight. One can introduce several particular food groups in their diet to help with their weight loss process.

First, get rid of the fat. As tasty a food group as it may be, fats need to be reduced to near negligible when trying to lose weight. Switch to high protein diets. Try having an egg for breakfast – boiled or scrambled mind you. Rich in protein content, eggs not only provide you with the necessary energy required for a full nutritious breakfast but they also make you feel full longer curbing the urge to nibble on snacks in-between meals. Also a good addition to your breakfast is an oat based cereal. Throw out that sugary coated frosted cereal and make room for the oats. Rich in fiber with absolutely no fat content, an oat based cereal is an essential must have for anyone looking to lose weight without having to cut down on the food.

Remember how I said earlier to get rid of the fat. Well that is not entirely true. Instead of removing the fat completely from your diet, it is absolutely imperative that you identify the right fat and the wrong fat. Lean protein meat such as chicken and fish make suitable replacements for the fatty red meat such as beef and ham. With almost equal the protein content required by the body daily, lean meat offers a healthier alternative removing the unnecessary dangerous fats found in processed meat. Reducing the fat content in your meals does not mean swearing off fried foods and oil altogether. Try switching to healthier alternatives like olive and canola oil. Rich with unsaturated fats, these oils are processed faster by the body without leaving any fatty residue to add to the weight gain.

1Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables eaten per meal. A meal doesn’t necessarily have to have those thick juicy meaty portions to taste delicious. A fruit or a vegetable salad can be equally tasty without the added risk of a coronary attack. Adding fruits like blackberries and pear or vegetables like broccolis and avocados can increase the nutritional value of your meal considerably. Anti oxidant and anti aging chemicals in the berries help flush out the system of any toxins and keeps your body healthy. According to a recent research pears provide high fiber content in your diet. Broccoli also help introduce anti oxidants in your system to help prevent cancer. Another addition to the class of nutritious fruits is the grapefruit. Packed with water, essential vitamins, minerals and other chemicals, a half a grapefruit before every meal can speed up the process of losing those excess pounds.

As much as you should worry about fats, you should never ignore the carbs either. Excess of carbohydrates in your body ends up being converted to fat and therefore the daily intake needs to be checked. Brown is the new white. Switch out your white bread and white rice with brown bread and brown rice. With lower carbohydrate content, the brown “stuff” provides the same amount of calories with a fiber rich, low fat

As much as eating right is the key, knowing what you drink is also important. In addition to the essential water, drinks like green tea, iced tea and wine can also be used in moderation to shed those extra pounds. To all those caffeine lovers out there, coffee is not the answer – at least not when it comes to weight loss. Also sodas or soft drinks of any kind should be avoided. Moderated intake of wine or either types of the above mentioned teas have been known to introduce certain naturally occurring chemicals in your body that not only help reduce weight loss but also provide the added bonus of anti aging and anti cancer substances.

The next time you feel like losing some weight, remember, it is okay to eat as long as you know what you eat. Keep your food groups in check and you are good to go. Starving is never the answer.

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