Do Research Before Buying The Best Wrinkle Creams

skin-beauty2An age old yearning exists in every individual. While men look to amass power and wealth, women yearn for youth. A youthful skin is every woman’s ultimate dream. She will try any and everything to reclaim her lost youth and get rid of her age lines and wrinkles. Although their search for the fountain of youth continues, women can still reclaim their lost youth by adopting certain practices in their everyday life. These range from basic skin care to what she eats.

The most essential method that she can employ to look young again is to drink plenty of water and fluids. A hydrated skin is a young skin. Wrinkles and age lines are often caused when the skin becomes tough and dry and begins to crack. Drinking plenty of water and fluids ensures that the skin is always well hydrated and has enough moisture to “stay in place”. An increased water and fluid intake also helps flush out any skin toxins that may damage the skin prolonging the ageing process for as long as possible.

An ageing woman may also want to look at what she eats. Too much sugar in her diet may be what is causing her wrinkles. A chemical in the sugar bonds with the protein in her skin, collagen, degrading it to cause sagging and wrinkles. Although she shouldn’t swear off sweets altogether, she must certainly reduce the amount of sugary treats she treats herself to everyday. Too much heat in the body may also damage the skin protein. Eating cooler foods like vegetables, yoghurt etc is always a good idea. She should steer clear of or at least cut down on the fatty food.

Quality skin care products are a must have for any woman trying to recapture her youth. Devoid of harmful chemicals, only quality face wash and moisturizers must be used. Every day after waking up and before going to bed at night, she should wash her face gently with cold water. Rough scrubbing can also damage the skin causing it to crack. After washing her face, she should gently apply moisturizer especially near the neck and underneath eyes. When applying moisturizer she should rub in a neck to eye direction so as to avoid wrinkles. Underneath the eyes, the moisturizer should be applied in a circular fashion. When going outside in the sun only quality sun screens without the harmful chemicals should be used. Recipes to several homemade mixtures can be found on the Internet consisting of mostly natural herbs. When trying to go for a younger looking skin it is absolutely imperative that the amount of chemicals whether in the form of make up or otherwise used on the skin should be as low as

Sleeping patterns and especially sleeping postures also help in achieving a younger looking skin. Several studies have shown that certain postures may cause sleep lines on one’s face which may eventually result in wrinkles. Therefore she should make sure she sleeps on her back and not her belly so as to avoid causing any sleep lines on her face. Also she should ensure that she gets at least six to eight hours sleep every day. Like any other muscles in our body, skin muscles also need to relax and a complete uninterrupted sleep ensures that. Facial expressions also contribute towards how the skin looks. She should refrain from frowning or furrowed brows since they have been known to increase wrinkles on one’s face.

Only by taking extra care of her skin and giving it the proper treatment it deserves can a woman hope to reclaim her lost youth and achieve a healthy younger looking skin.

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